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Welcome to the WyoBio Citizen Science Project Development Website! This site is designed to support internal project communication. The public WyoBio Content is available at Please Contact us with any questions or for additional information!

Project Description
Citizen science brings together the public and professional scientists to gather data, conduct scientific analyses with focuses in public education, participation, and conservation. The use of spatial technologies to view, interact with, and create spatial data is expanding in all directions, from its use in analysis applications in research to visualization of scientific data to public, policy and management. This project is designed to bring together the integration of citizen scientists, the research community, and the tools for analysis and communication through spatial technologies and visualization.

Mission Statement
The mission of WyoBio is to create a community of professional and non-professional scientists interested in Wyoming’s natural heritage. WyoBio will provide a visually stunning and scientifically rigorous forum for inquiry by enabling participants to input data, access and visualize data, and communicate among members.

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Biodiversity Institute
Brenna Marsicek
Technical Questions
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The development of this system is being 
guided by these partners:

Biodiversity Institute

Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center

With data contributions from:

Wyoming Natural Diversity Database

WyoBio Development
Initial project development is being conducted as a partnership between the Biodiversity Institute, and the Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center (WyGISC). WyoBio is a project devised by, and developed for, the Biodiversity Institute at the University of Wyoming. The Institute has contracted with WyGISC on the development of the online application. The Institute and WyGISC are also partnering with the Wyoming Natural Diversity Database (WYNDD) as the data providers who host a wealth of existing species data.

This project will leverage the development of new partnerships (the new Biodiversity Institute with WyGISC and WYNDD) and the existing long term partnership between WyGISC and WYNDD. This project will also include an advisory group made up of a variety of individuals representing existing public education and related groups around the state. WyoBio is being planned as a set of modules that will be developed and released through time. Additional data contributors and partners will be brought into the project at certain points throughout its development. The BI and WyGISC will also continue to develop methods to involve WyoBio with a broader University-wide cyberinfrastructure concept and development.  

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